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Welcome to the ELURU’s online portal website, Here you can find all the Information about Eluru & not only the information but also about the place, events, Stores, Schools, Reviews, Classifieds, Colleges and Lots more… We regularly update our website with new and updated information, So that the users or the visitors can gain the information and knowledge about everything in ELURU.


History & Information of ELURU :-

Eluru  is a city and a municipal corporation in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Its also the headquarters of West Godavari district. Eluru is situated on the national highway NH 5 between Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam and about 350 kilometres from the Andhra Pradesh state capital, Hyderabad. Eluru has a rich cultural and political history and in earlier times Eluru was also called as “Helapuri”. It was also believed that Eluru was once been the capital of Vishnukundinas. Once, Eluru was a part of the Buddhist kingdom of Vengi. The Eastern Chalukyas ruled the coastal Andhra from 700 to 1200, with Vengi near the village of Pedavegi, as their capital. Some historical evidence can be found at the villages of pedavegi and Guntupalli (Jilakarragudem). After that Eluru became a part of the Kalinga Empire until 1471. Later it fell into the hands of the Gajapathis. In 1515, Srikrishnadevaraya captured Eluru. After the fall of the Vijayanagara Kingdom, Eluru was taken by the Sultan of Golkonda, Kutub Shah. When the British established control over South India, Eluru and surrounding areas were merged into the Madras Presidency. During the division of Northern Cirkars into districts, Eluru was made a part of Machilipatnam district. After that, Eluru was included in the Godavari District in 1859. Later, Eluru was made part of the Krishna District and Finally in the year 1925, West Godavari District was formed with Eluru as its Headquarters and all the surrounding district offices and regional offices were formed in Eluru. On April 2005, Eluru became a city when the government of Andhra Pradesh under the regime of Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy (Late Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh), upgraded Eluru to a municipal corporation.

About Eluru :-


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  1. Swapna says : Reply

    Nice Information you have here and the website design is awesome. All the best for its future and complete it soon, waiting to see the complete website.

    • Premchand (Admin) says : Reply

      Hi Swapna, Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it and yes getting lots of good feedback regarding the design of this website. Soon it will completed and once again thanks for commenting. :)

  2. Naveen says : Reply

    Superb Site yaar…The Designs of this website is very good and Im so excited about this site because never thought that there will be an Online portal website for Eluru. Definitely, Im gonna reffer this to my friends. Best of luck man!

    • Premchand (Admin) says : Reply

      First of all, Thank you very much for your feedback! 😀
      Actually, Since my childhood…..It’s one of my dream to create an Online Portal Website for ELURU and now here I am the ADMIN of (www.eluruonline.com). Really it makes me so happy and once again thanks for you feedback. :)

  3. Rukmini says : Reply

    I feel excited to see this website too . Eluru is my hometown and will be my hometown forever. I am there everytime I visit india and I have nostalgic experiences everytime I visit.

    • Premchand (Admin) says : Reply

      Hello Rukmini garu, Thanks for commenting and sharing your personal experiences on this website. Very soon our Eluru Online’s gonna be fully completed with lots of data and Information. Please visit us back again. Thank you. :)

  4. silpa says : Reply

    I just love to see this site yaar… :-) n the website design is awesome… It will rock it for sure.. Im so excited to see the complete site.. Congrats n all the very best… ELURU rockzzzzzzz…

    • Premchand (Admin) says : Reply

      Hi Silpa, Thanks for your appreciation & feedback. 😀 Actually, This website should be finished by now but I was busy in some other projects…but very soon it will be completed. Once again, Thanks for commenting here. :)

  5. Sajeed says : Reply

    Hi Premchand,

    The site design is really very good.. Looking forward to see more information and photos in the website. I felt proud to show my friends that I belong to eluru. Great effort buddy… Keep rocking… :)

    • Premchand (Admin) says : Reply

      Hi Sajeed!
      Thanks for your appreciation & feedback! Actually, Was busy in some other projects that’s why it got delayed! but very soon its gonna be completed with lots of updates! Thank you once again for your feedback! :)

  6. rupesh says : Reply

    Awesome man, you are doing great job..I am proud to be from Eluru .keep more stuff. It has to be like all in one ..Looking forward to see completed version..

    • Premchand (Admin) says : Reply

      Hi Rupesh!
      Thanks for commenting here… Actually, This website should have been completed by now…but i was busy in some other projects. But its gonna be completed very soon and also I’n the only one doing everything by myself! So, Please be patience and thank you very much! :)

  7. BALAJI KARANAM says : Reply

    This site is Superb!…I’m feel happy to see this website… its rocking… Kev Kekaa!

  8. Sudhakar G says : Reply

    Hi Premchand,

    Wonderful and nice flash bro.. I really appreciate your effort and I must say it is an awesome website.. My feedback would be to correct the information updated under History & information about Eluru.. I mean you used the world Eluru many times , instead of that you can use “it is” or “the city” or “city” and also change the topic heading to “History & information of Eluru city” .. Also upload information of hotels, restaurants, most happening events in the city..

    I work with Ericsson, bangalore..I born in Eluru but visits very less ( may be once in an year) . Since I love Eluru and your website, I took some time to send you this feedback..

    Remember, you can always ignore my suggestions!!!!

    Once again I appreciate your work and keep it up


    • Hi Sudhakar Bro,

      Thanks for your feedback brother. :) I really appreciate it and Thanks for your suggestions. Actually, I used the “Eluru” word many times for SEO purpose. I always like suggestions and Feedback from the visitors of this website and yeah bro, thanks for your suggestion regarding ‘The Heading’ of this page, I will change it now. Think I lost my Vocabulary these days! 😀 Actually, I’m doing this website on my own without taking anyone’s help and also I’m very busy these days on few projects..so atleast it will take sometime like a month or two for the completion of this website… Anyways..Once again thank you bro. :) You can also contact me through here Google+

      Premchand (Admin).

  9. mounika says : Reply

    Hi..site was very nice..and I’m proud that even ELURU is having a portal website becoz.. of u..:) and u have done a great job! :)

  10. Bhavana says : Reply

    Superb….I’m eagarly waiting to see the complete site and I’m proud of such a website for our eluru because.. it is my native place. I think This website will be useful to all citizens. Good job!


    • Hi Bhavana, Thank you for your comment and Feedback. Actually, I’m the only person maitaining and developing this website and probably it will take some time like a month or two for the completion of this website. So, please Stay tuned and Thank you once again! :)

  11. naveen chowdary garapati says : Reply

    Hi Prem Bro, this is naveen thanks for ur commitment towards our city Eluru and hope you do well as soon as possible thank u once again.

    • Hi Naveen Chowdary Garapati, Thanks for commenting here and No need to thank me bro.. We are part of our Eluru and it is our job to do something for it. :)
      And as for the completion of Website.. It will take sometime.. So until then keep visiting regularly for more updates. :)

  12. Aditya Sankarabhotla says : Reply

    Superb admin.. Awesome design and I can understand the hard work you made to create this website it was really nice and impressive and have lots of information and eagerly waiting for the complete website.

    • Hi Aditya Sankarabhotla, Thanks for your comments and Feedback and yeah, I have worked very hard for this website and as for the completion of website will take some time.. because i’m a little bit busy on my projects. So keep visiting regularly for updates. :)

  13. Akhil says : Reply

    hey bro nice job done by u . hope many more success comes in u r life . nd this is akhil friend of chaitu bro of sai kiran.

  14. Lokesh says : Reply

    Hi Premchand,

    Nice to see someone working on this place. Awsome…Gud job mate… keep it running.. All the best..

  15. VIjay says : Reply

    Good Information…Useful to all….This shows your hardwork and dedication..
    Great Sir..Please keep on updating regular updates and if possible add a column or suggestions page to develop ELURU as a beautiful town and take this to Press so that ELURU will develop still more fast.

    Unfortunately, Eluru is the only head quartered town in Coastal Andhra with out a Government Engineering/Govt Medical College/Any Govt University..
    It is very bad, even though ELURU is near to Vijayawada it is still under developed, Hope with this site people of this town will suggest their ideas and Concerns to you..Hope you will take this Idea…

    Thanks for Reading!!

    • Hello Mr.Vijay! First of all thanks for your feedback and appreciation. It’s really very happy for me to see your comment here because for me its happy to know that someone like you thinking about the development of our Eluru and thanks for your sharing your Ideas here!:)

  16. Ramu Vallabhaneni says : Reply

    Great Work Premchand. I too from Eluru and currently staying in hyd. And the design is Awesome.

  17. Reddy Gangadhara Rao says : Reply

    nice in deed.
    knowing about the home town
    made me little bit nostalgic wherever I am.
    nice effort dude.
    Addl SP

  18. prem says : Reply

    hello PREMCHAND nice work done by you and the website design is awesome………n i really like the website.

  19. Samy says : Reply

    Awesome work!!! Done a great job!!!! I really appreciate your patience and hard work. We can see your hard work in this website, Good luck for your future projects..

  20. akash chowdary says : Reply

    nice ra mava gud job

  21. ramesh says : Reply

    wat an information dude… i really luvvv it :-))

  22. RAVY TEJA says : Reply

    Hi Admin..!!

    Seen the website thoroughly. The CSS,applets u’ve used are quite good. I am also for Eluru(r.r.pet). Keep on posting new info. All de best. By the way, I know your buddy Sainadh Donthamsetti well..!! hez my school-mate..

  23. Krishna Morampudi says : Reply

    Amazing work done by Premchand…Every1 prasies the work you done…Me 2…u deserve it buddy..Bring more n more life 2 it…so excited 2 watch…

  24. Veera Babu says : Reply

    Nice website Premchand!

    After going through the gallery, I got my memories refreshed once again!

    Keep going great man!

  25. Raghu Ram Sudheer. Garapati says : Reply

    Hi Premchand,

    Good initiative and the web designing is cool, I came across this site today only and m gonna visit the page frequently from now on. makes me feel I m home. Hope we do get some updates on our city’s developments.
    I think few more hits gonna put this site above wikipedia in G search engine

    Wish you a great success a head. Kudos brother :)

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